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Automatic Vertical Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic Vertical Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

We are offering our client a wide range of Sticker Labeling Machine can be synchronize control system with various optional unique feature & coding system like contact coding system for online printing of Batch no. Mfg. Date etc.

We fabricate and supply an extensive range of Vertical Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine. These are manufactured using high quality components and are available with optional accessories like printing devices. Further, these can be availed with the A.C. Drives for speed controls, no objects no label systems, objects sensors and label sensors.


  • Electrical Rating: 1 HP gear motors
  • Power Characteristic: 230 volts, 1 phase, 4 wire system, 50 cycle/sec
  • Finish/Painted : S.S. Finish
  • Dimensions: 1320 x 900 x 800 mm (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight: 400 kg
  • Output/hour: 10000 to 12000 objects
  • Ampoules Size: 9.5 mm to 17 mm
  • Label Length: 25 mm to 50 mm
  • Label Height: 21 mm to 50 mm

Mode of operation & descriptions:

  • The machine labels Ampoules and other cylindrical containers with diameter from 10mm minimum to 16mm maximum,
  • The labeling machine is used to label the ampoules. The product sensor senses the ampoule and gives command to labeling head to release the label which applies on the ampoule. Wrapping belt wraps the label around the ampoule for wrinkle free labeling. Printing is done online. The printing and barcode/pharmacode is checked by the scanner. The system will automatically reject the ampoule which contains wrong or missing printing/barcode/pharmacode on label. The system will also reject the ampoules without labels,
  • It uses sticker labels having width of 18mm minimum and a length of 25mm minimum to a width of 50mm maximum and length of 50mm maximum from the sticker roll,
  • The rated output is 300 containers per minute maximum. It is recommended to use labels of 52 to 65 gems to achieve rated output. The mechanical machine speed is variable unto this rated output,
  • The Loading Screw releases containers into a Transfer Wheel in which containers each held between a pair of rollers and back up guide are passed to the labeling station in an upright position,
  • When the ampoule reaches to the labeling station, the sensor operates the servo motor. At this point of time, the sticker touches the ampoules and wrapped over the ampoule by the driven belt on roller,
  • Then Rubber belts press the Labels on Ampoules during passing through Rubber belt,
  • The labeled Ampoules passes through transfer wheel to chute and then onwards to then pushed to unloading tray