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Automatic Visual Ampoule Inspection Machine

Automatic Visual Ampoule Inspection Machine

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Ampoule Inspection Machine. These are available with four tracks that are fabricated using nylon-6 rollers chain and are offered at competitive prices. Further, these are available with a spinning assembly that has A.C. Drives Rejection Units with 24V DC wiring. In addition, these can be availed with optional accessories like A.C. Frequency Drive for Speed Control Separate Machine that is required for ampoules and vials.


  • Electrical Rating: 0.5 HP main machine, 0.25 HP Spinning assembly
  • Power Characteristic: 415 volts, 3 phase, 5 wire systems, and 50 cycles/sec.
  • Finish/Painted: S.S. Finish
  • Dimension : 1500 mm (L) x 1200mm (W) x 1575mm (H)
  • Net Weight: 700 kg
  • Output/hour: 4000 to 5000 objects
  • Ampoules/vials Size : 1ml to 5ml ampoules and 2ml to 30 ml vials


HARSIDDH provides high capacity ampoule inspection machines that are useful for simultaneous inspection of six ampoules. The company provides this ampoule inspection machine with timer providing variable rotational velocity and logic controller driven auxiliary motor to ensure that after spinning ampoule neck is visible all the time.

Features and Technical Specification:-

  • Adjustable clear and functional illumination of objects in operator`s field of vision.
  • Positive spinning of ampoules on its axis results in turbulence giving visual contamination seen by operator through magnifying lens having 4x zooms.
  • Good ampoules get collected in vertical position in delivery magazine.
  • Rejection fail safe alarm, actuates buzzer if rejection does not take place if operator has pressed a button to eject it out.
  • Digital counting of infeed and rejected ampoules.
  • Working range 6 objects upto 16 mm dia and 125 mm height.
  • Output 80-85 ampoules /min.
  • Power required 0.55 kw 3 phase and neutral 230/240 volts 50 cycles.
  • Operators field of vision 1140 mm from ground level.
  • Floor space 1420 mm x 1180 mm x 1800 mm height.
  • Weight [net] 500 kg

Process Operation

The filled ampoules are loaded in to the infeed chute from there they are transferred in batched by an index wheel on to a linear transport rack.
The rack transfers the ampoules on to the inspection station, where spinners spin the ampoules at predetermined RPM so that a vortex is formed. Light coming from behind the ampoules magnifies all particles/fibers with the help of lens.
The ampoules are rejected by pressing rejection switches ergonomically located for operator’s convenience. A numbered light kept just above the magnifying lens within the operator’s field of vision lights up indicating the ampoules which have been rejected.
The ampoules batches then transferred onto the rejection station where the ampoules rejected at the inspection station are automatically rejected out. A numbered light lights up above the lens indication a positive rejection taking place.
In case rechecking is desired before checking the next lot, a facility for repeat cycle is provided.
The accepted ampoules are transferred onto the collection station where they are collected in tray.